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Comments and Statements in javascript programming video tutorial in english.Tutorial Number 2 by thenewboston

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JavaScript Comments

Comments can be added to explain the JavaScript, or to make the code more readable.

Single line comments start with //

Multi line comments start with /* and end with */.


// Write to a heading:
document.getElementById("h1").innerHTML="Welcome to Tutsclub.com";
The code below will write
to a heading and to a paragraph,
and will represent the start of
my homepage:


JavaScript Statements

JavaScript statements are "commands" to the browser.

The purpose of the statements is to tell the browser what to do.



This JavaScript statement tells the browser to write "Tutsclub" inside an HTML element with id="demo":


I fond this tutorial on youtube. This tutorial is created by Thenewboston.

Watch Here The original uploaded video from authors website.

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