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How to add smart layer of social buttons to blog.Floating Buttons And Pages In Website

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how to add social icon to blog
Social sites play vital role to advertise your blog or website.I think its most important part of marketing over internet these days.If you are engage with social media most of time and advertise your site there its mean you definitely get a great traffic from these social media site for your blog and if you add  social media icon on your site then the reader easily share your blog or post to their audience and your blog will reach to huge audience automatically.

So today we will see how to add smart layer of social media button to our blog. It's very easy ,even a non professional person can add these button to their blogs.By adding these amazing style buttons to your site will not only increase the traffic but also your design will look cool to readers .

OK let see how to add smart layer to your blog step by step.


1-Open dashboard of blogger account and click on your blog link where you want to add smart layer.

If you are newbie and don't know how to open bloggers account then please read my previous post

2-Click on Layout --->   Add a Gadget, then select HTML/JavaScript Gadget from new opened window.

3-Title field leave it blank.Copy the code(need to do some changes before coping ,written below) and paste Down in content ------> press save.


<!-- AddThis Smart Layers BEGIN -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    'theme' : 'transparent',
    'share' : {
      'position' : 'right',
      'numPreferredServices' : 5
    'follow' : {
      'services' : [
        {'service': 'facebook', 'id': 'Facebook Profile ID'},
        {'service': 'twitter', 'id': 'Twitter Profile ID'},
        {'service': 'linkedin', 'id': 'Linkedin Profile ID'},
        {'service': 'google_follow', 'id': 'Google profile ID'}
<!-- AddThis Smart Layers END -->
In this code you need to put:
Facebook Profile ID
Twitter Profile ID
LinkedIn Profile ID
& Google plus ID

How to search the Profile ID's of these Social Sites. Just login to your account and click on profile.
You will see in address bar..
taniajamil is your Facebook profile ID..just remove the Facebook Profile ID from code and put taniajamil
Repeat the same steps for other three social sites.

In the code you can do some changing for different effect.
like 'theme' is transparent here but can be change to Light, Gray and Dark.
numPreferredServices is 5 can be 4 or 6 as well.

Coding Credit goes to
If you face any problem either consult from site or leave comment I will must reply .
Hope so this article will be helpful .thanks

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