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How to Make Search Engines Friendly Blogging Blog/Website.SEO Tips And Tricks

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search engine friendly blogging
Web user's are increasing day by day and most of the searches done by user is using Search Engine.Specially a new user when come up with some undefined queries he always prefer to google it in Search Engine and Search Engines have specific algorithm to behave against the search queries.

As a result of any search query search engine follows defined algorithm and the result come up with site links.Now question arises ,how search engines do the numbering of links like which site link will be on first number, second ,third and so on.In short term these numbering also called Site PR (Page Rank). Search engine do all this PR of sites accordingly defined algorithms.

Now other questions are "What these Algorithms are"? What they check in site ? Which things get more attention? which stuff have more value? How they give PR to sites mean how they decide, which site will be on number one position in specific search results.

An Algorithm is a defined set of rules or instructions used to perform certain tasks.They check multiple things and then decide the PR (Page Rank) of site.So to fulfill the required instruction first we should know all rules and instruction written in algo's.Today we will talk about some basic factors that should be in your site to make your site PR higher.

1- Responsive & SEO friendly Template

         Smartphone and tablet web users are increasing with rapid speed and people don't like to surf internet on desktop and laptops any more,therefore the site template should be responsive, so more and more users will approach to your web by using any device.If template will be responsive then it will take less time to load on any device and user will be more happy to visit your blog or site and Search engines as well.

2-Search Engine Optimized Data

        Article should be SEO properly.Use keywords in title of the posts, inside the posts and in Images.Bold the keyboards.Excess of everything is bad so use 4 or 5 keywords in your posts.Don't write very lengthy articles.Article should be approx 500 words.In image properties write keywords in  description and Alt tab.

These are some best practice to raise up your site PR.Hope this article will be helpful for you.Do share if you liked

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